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September 2016

The Pixies work their magic on Bayview

All our new developments put a strain on sewer system

Put this in your calendar!

This 88 year old could probably beat you

Letters – September 2016

12 months price jump 13.5 percent REAL ESTATE

Why I became a sun worshipper

The future of Leaside? FROM THE LPOA

This is what LBSA might have prevented

A hidden river makes RioCan change plans

Sci-fi right in the heart of Leaside

Leaside comes out pitching for Lee Melymick

Student survey led to birth of LPC

Huge quality rating for our schools

Revisions make it better, but is that enough? 939 EGLINTON DEVELOPMENT PROPOSAL

Baghai reduces proposal by 30 percent

Take a flyer on those flyers!

Leaside’s free spirits

Why Leaside home prices keep rising