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A free meal led to a life of running

Have you spotted a runner in Leaside wearing a bright yellow singlet, often with a briefcase or a bag of groceries in his hand? It’s been a familiar sighting on our local streets and trails for more than four decades. This is Robert Moore of Sutherland Dr., once one of Canada’s top distance runners and [...]

George Turrell has never been one to keep things quiet. For more than 50 years, he has stalked the halls of Leaside Memorial Gardens Arena, his voice a commanding presence to thousands of hockey players and skaters – and their parents – who learn from the first time they walk through the doors who runs [...]

Leaside’s mailboxes – missing by moonlight

Very odd. You go to Mac’s Milk at Millwood and Randolph, with the intention of buying milk and posting a letter at one stop. But where is the mailbox? Gone. As is the one in front of The Leaside Pub on Laird – so too the one at the corner of Hanna and Sutherland by [...]

You never know what people get up to in their free time. Your quiet, geeky co-worker could be in a neo-punk-grunge band; your auntie could be mixing it up with whizzes in a chess club…or your Facebook friend could be training for the circus. Aerial aerobics to be exact, which has become something of a [...]

Flying high at Toronto Circus Centre

If you’ve always wanted to run away and join the circus, it’s just become a little easier for M4Gers now that the Toronto Circus Centre has taken up residence in Leaside United Church’s beautiful gym. I attended a few toddler concerts back in the day in that space, so with images of Cirque du Soleil [...]

More density at our doorstep

What may have seemed like a good idea to some and benign to others has, in my opinion, brought undesirable consequences to the community. I’m talking about the lobbying effort that resulted in Metrolinx adding a stop at Leslie St. on the Eglinton Crosstown LRT. Metrolinx’s original plan had the LRT running underground to just [...]

Leaside, how does your traffic flow?

Thank you to the almost 600 of you who returned the LPOA’s traffic survey questionnaires, many accompanied by lengthy and detailed additional comments and suggestions. Here are some key findings: Everyone agreed that police enforcement of signage and speed limits is rare, where it happens at all. Drivers know this. Secure in the knowledge that [...]

In Leaside “below grade” is not what you think

“In Leaside when you look down the street you see driveway entrances of consistent grade, and when you stand in front of the house the dominant feature is the front entrance and the living room, not the garage. We wanted to retain this character.” This was how Jane Pitfield explained her reasons for championing a [...]

It’s always exciting when a new business opens in Leaside. You might have noticed that the southeast corner of Sutherland and McRae is now the home of Salon Ten Ten. This business might be new to the neighbourhood, but owners Hilary Comiskey and her boyfriend Billy Tsopotos are certainly no strangers to the area. Hilary [...]

Kit Skelly was just 23 when his life ended four years ago by suicide. His parents, Lesley and Dave, as well as his brother and sister, have been on a huge learning curve since then, finding ways to live with this loss. Lesley has been involved in her community her whole life. Following in the [...]

Leasiders’ basements – all clogged up with nowhere to go

If you’ve never experienced a flooded basement, I can tell you that it ranks high on the list of a home owner’s worst nightmare. Messy, stressful, costly and very inconvenient! My first home in Leaside was a small semi-detached with an unfinished basement. There was a drain cover in the middle of the concrete floor, [...]

Anyone stopping at the light on Millwood at Sutherland knows the corner property with the huge plate glass window. Long-time Leasiders may have known it originally as an auto supply shop, and then the location for hairdresser Elsa and husband Frank, with their house attached next door on Sutherland. But now a decidedly different business [...]

Christian Redmann has ample firsthand experience with not making the team. In the early days of his volleyball career, long before playing the indoor game for the University of Toronto, wearing a Canada jersey on the Beach Volleyball World Tour or competing for a spot at the Summer Olympics, Redmann was cut from his share [...]

A few weeks ago I emailed Carol and Dave to let them know that April would be the last month I would be covering their story. They’ve come to the end of their 12-week program with Inside Out Studio, and I fully expected emails back with one word in the subject line: “phew.” Instead…crickets! When [...]

Vezina tries a little slice and dice at White House Meats Butchering 101

I’ve always been good with a blade. I don’t mean in the Kill Bill kind of way, but in the way that I used to enjoy carving wax candles and pieces of wood. Despite my slicing skills, I have next to no experience with meat preparation. This is largely due to the fact that I [...]

The joys of traffic in Leaside

Spring arrives, with better weather, green grass and daffodils blooming. There is also a less welcome change: our through traffic numbers increase. With the ice and snow a fading memory, drivers across the city – across the entire GTA – rediscover the joys of driving through Leaside. Those of us who live here notice that [...]

“Transit does drive change in Leaside” – Leaside appeals decided

This column’s January headline read “Transit driving change in Leaside – but at what cost?” Time will answer the cost question, but the OMB has issued its decision regarding the two Eglinton Connects “Leaside appeals” heard in December 2016: the LPOA appeals of the City of Toronto Official Plan Amendment (OPA) for townhouses on the [...]

How well do you know your neighbourhood? Leaside by the numbers

The total dollar value of the 10 detached homes that sold in Leaside in the month of February, according to the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB).1 The average number of days those 10 homes were on the market before they sold.1 Only one area in the City of Toronto sold faster in February – what’s [...]

Harry and Ruth Goldhar are retiring from the community newspaper business, for a second time. After five successful years of operation, the founders of Leaside Life have sold it to new owners. And that means, now that he has given up the editorial reins, Harry, who has always preferred to remain in the background, can [...]

“It was a milestone in Canadian history,” says Drew Hamblin of Sutherland Drive, “the first time the four Canadian divisions fought together as a single unit, and the day Canada stopped being a colony and became a nation in the eyes of the world.” The Battle of Vimy Ridge was fought 100 years ago next [...]

March Break can either be a welcome time for a vacation with your family or a week or two filled with the classic cry of ‘I’m bored, what do we do now?” For those of you who have chosen the ‘staycation’ route, Leaside Life has compiled a guide to some of the camps for kids [...]

The first customer in the door when Olde Yorke Fish & Chips opened on March 16, 1997 was the TTC driver on route 56, who had been keeping an eye on what was happening to this property from a bus stop on Laird. Rather than leave his bus idling while he checked out the new [...]

As a young girl from Arnprior, Pat Prentice headed off to Queen’s University in Kingston to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing – then a five-year course, with the first and last years at the university, and the three middle years, in Pat’s case, spent at Hotel Dieu Hospital in Kingston. With her freshly [...]

Spring-cleaning, Leaside style – when your stuff has stuff

The arrival of spring brings to mind visions of “spring cleaning,” for me a somewhat dreaded and overwhelming task. Looking for some new inspiration I picked up a copy of the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant, at the Trace [...]

When Swedish statistician Hans Rosling died recently, the world lost an incredible communicator – someone who brought to life the concept that decisions should not be based on hunch or instinct but on the facts. In this tradition, the TDSB wants to make the best possible decisions for our students so we are about to [...]