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Harry and Ruth Goldhar are retiring from the community newspaper business, for a second time. After five successful years of operation, the founders of Leaside Life have sold it to new owners. And that means, now that he has given up the editorial reins, Harry, who has always preferred to remain in the background, can [...]

“It was a milestone in Canadian history,” says Drew Hamblin of Sutherland Drive, “the first time the four Canadian divisions fought together as a single unit, and the day Canada stopped being a colony and became a nation in the eyes of the world.” The Battle of Vimy Ridge was fought 100 years ago next [...]

March Break can either be a welcome time for a vacation with your family or a week or two filled with the classic cry of ‘I’m bored, what do we do now?” For those of you who have chosen the ‘staycation’ route, Leaside Life has compiled a guide to some of the camps for kids [...]

The first customer in the door when Olde Yorke Fish & Chips opened on March 16, 1997 was the TTC driver on route 56, who had been keeping an eye on what was happening to this property from a bus stop on Laird. Rather than leave his bus idling while he checked out the new [...]

As a young girl from Arnprior, Pat Prentice headed off to Queen’s University in Kingston to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing – then a five-year course, with the first and last years at the university, and the three middle years, in Pat’s case, spent at Hotel Dieu Hospital in Kingston. With her freshly [...]

Spring-cleaning, Leaside style – when your stuff has stuff

The arrival of spring brings to mind visions of “spring cleaning,” for me a somewhat dreaded and overwhelming task. Looking for some new inspiration I picked up a copy of the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant, at the Trace [...]

When Swedish statistician Hans Rosling died recently, the world lost an incredible communicator – someone who brought to life the concept that decisions should not be based on hunch or instinct but on the facts. In this tradition, the TDSB wants to make the best possible decisions for our students so we are about to [...]

You know the saying: “You can never really understand someone until you walk a mile in their shoes”? So guess what I did? I walked in Dave and Carol’s gym shoes at InsideOut Health & Fitness for a 45-minute training session. Now I really understand how hard they’re working to reach their goals. But the [...]

Food can be a great comfort in times of need. There is something about a hot, home-cooked meal that warms the belly as much as the heart. For those who are finding difficulty with shopping, commuting and cooking, a good meal often falls by the wayside in favour of something fast and easy. East York [...]

Leaside will have no excuse for eating unhealthy

Leasiders were greeted in early February with news another grocery store would soon open in the area, bringing the total count to 10, including the much anticipated Whole Foods store opening at the northwest corner of Broadway and Bayview Aves. The latest entry is Organic Garage, an Etobicoke-based company with two existing stores in Thornhill [...]

Jon Burnside’s winter roundup

I thought I would use this opportunity to update you on a number of issues in Leaside – a winter roundup! The apparently dormant Smart Centre site near Wicksteed and Laird is stirring. Although this site has not been confirmed as the future home of Walmart, they are a partner in the joint venture, so [...]

Tipping point for heritage action?

Leaside’s streetscape and stock of character homes are under siege like never before. Here’s what happened recently with a couple of properties which were the subject of Committee of Adjustment (CoA) applications. Both applications are to construct new two-storey dwellings with an integral garage, and the existing dwelling would be demolished. The applications are located [...]

L•E•A•S•I•D•E Then & Now

Thirty, even 20 years ago, when Leaside homes changed hands, the new owners might put in a new kitchen or upgrade the bathroom. Some settled for a new coat of paint. It was pretty big news if more extensive renovations were planned. Not any more. These days, regardless whether a house has been bought by [...]

From interloper to local resident, I think I’m finally starting to feel like a Leasider. The advent of this column, “I’ll Try Anything Once,” has allowed me to explore my new neighbourhood in ways I could never imagine. First there was the pilates class at North Movement Studio. There, my awkward limbs learned the language [...]

If you knew that every AA battery had enough zinc to save the lives of six children, you might think twice before disposing of your used AAs. Lauren Essaye and Helena Giamos are two 11-year-old North Leasiders who learned this last fall and didn’t take the news lying down. The “Zinc Saves Lives” Battery Recycling [...]

Like Northlea United, profiled in the January issue of Leaside Life, St. Augustine’s Anglican Church is a product of the optimism and post-war boom of the late 1940s. It began as a mission of St. Cuthbert’s to serve the rapidly growing population in North Leaside, with the first service held in the basement of Northlea [...]

This year as we mark the 150th anniversary of our country, we should also celebrate the part that Leasiders have played in it. Long-time residents, particularly those who live in North Leaside, will remember when one of their neighbours, Royce Frith, later Senator Royce Frith, served as a Councillor and then as Deputy Reeve of [...]

There’s an app for that!

Have you ever come home and wondered why your garbage bin was the only one on the street not emptied and then realized it was recycling week? Or put your yard waste out only to have it sit for weeks because you got the dates mixed up? Or after a serious case of spring cleaning [...]

Leonard Linton Park The Parks of Leaside

Leaside is home to some of the most interesting – and not just green – parks in Toronto. From the well-loved and well-used Trace Manes and the sprawling Sunnybrook Park to the so-called “Batman Park,” Leaside is brimming with green, recreational spaces. Here’s one that may not be quite as well-known…. Who’s that imposing gentleman [...]

Gayle Boxer was a young ballet dancer with an injury preventing her from doing the pointe work that’s such an important part of classical ballet, so she decided to try to get into musical theatre in New York instead. While there, she also tried fitness classes for the first time and fell in love with [...]

A deep love of Northern Ontario infuses the writing of Leaside author and retired North York history teacher and curriculum consultant Andy Thomson. “I grew up in Sudbury and my extended family had a connection to a remote lake alongside the Spanish River where my grandfather, W. B. Plaunt, had operated a lumber company during [...]

If you live within miles of Laird and McRae, you’ve probably seen Alice Morgan and her faithful companion, German shepherd Honey, on their four times daily walks. Alice, who lives on Randolph Rd., is a dog owner who takes her responsibilities seriously. Her life’s priorities are in this order: God, country and Honey. Alice grew [...]

The new rink at Leaside Gardens is now officially the Dr. Tom Pashby Play Safely Rink following a celebration in the William Lea Room January 19 attended by more than 100 invited guests, including Dr. Pashby’s three children, Bill, Bob and Jane Pashby, and past and present board members of the arena, the East York [...]

Taxed to the max? How high are Leaside’s property taxes?

Each year at budget time, the discussion of taxes – property taxes in particular – reaches a fever pitch. As a new member of the Budget Committee, I heard firsthand the call of some citizens to increase property taxes by up to 25%. The basic premise is that Toronto’s taxes are far too low compared [...]

Amsterdam Blonde is one of the first beers that the Amsterdam Brewery ever brewed, back on John St. in 1986. The Amsterdam Blonde also happened to be my personal favourite, ranked first place in the six-pack sampler I had received as homework after my tour. Earlier, I met with Heather Mundle of the Amsterdam marketing [...]