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If you knew that every AA battery had enough zinc to save the lives of six children, you might think twice before disposing of your used AAs. Lauren Essaye and Helena Giamos are two 11-year-old North Leasiders who learned this last fall and didn’t take the news lying down. The “Zinc Saves Lives” Battery Recycling [...]

Like Northlea United, profiled in the January issue of Leaside Life, St. Augustine’s Anglican Church is a product of the optimism and post-war boom of the late 1940s. It began as a mission of St. Cuthbert’s to serve the rapidly growing population in North Leaside, with the first service held in the basement of Northlea [...]

This year as we mark the 150th anniversary of our country, we should also celebrate the part that Leasiders have played in it. Long-time residents, particularly those who live in North Leaside, will remember when one of their neighbours, Royce Frith, later Senator Royce Frith, served as a Councillor and then as Deputy Reeve of [...]

There’s an app for that!

Have you ever come home and wondered why your garbage bin was the only one on the street not emptied and then realized it was recycling week? Or put your yard waste out only to have it sit for weeks because you got the dates mixed up? Or after a serious case of spring cleaning [...]

Leonard Linton Park The Parks of Leaside

Leaside is home to some of the most interesting – and not just green – parks in Toronto. From the well-loved and well-used Trace Manes and the sprawling Sunnybrook Park to the so-called “Batman Park,” Leaside is brimming with green, recreational spaces. Here’s one that may not be quite as well-known…. Who’s that imposing gentleman [...]

Gayle Boxer was a young ballet dancer with an injury preventing her from doing the pointe work that’s such an important part of classical ballet, so she decided to try to get into musical theatre in New York instead. While there, she also tried fitness classes for the first time and fell in love with [...]

A deep love of Northern Ontario infuses the writing of Leaside author and retired North York history teacher and curriculum consultant Andy Thomson. “I grew up in Sudbury and my extended family had a connection to a remote lake alongside the Spanish River where my grandfather, W. B. Plaunt, had operated a lumber company during [...]

If you live within miles of Laird and McRae, you’ve probably seen Alice Morgan and her faithful companion, German shepherd Honey, on their four times daily walks. Alice, who lives on Randolph Rd., is a dog owner who takes her responsibilities seriously. Her life’s priorities are in this order: God, country and Honey. Alice grew [...]

The new rink at Leaside Gardens is now officially the Dr. Tom Pashby Play Safely Rink following a celebration in the William Lea Room January 19 attended by more than 100 invited guests, including Dr. Pashby’s three children, Bill, Bob and Jane Pashby, and past and present board members of the arena, the East York [...]

Taxed to the max? How high are Leaside’s property taxes?

Each year at budget time, the discussion of taxes – property taxes in particular – reaches a fever pitch. As a new member of the Budget Committee, I heard firsthand the call of some citizens to increase property taxes by up to 25%. The basic premise is that Toronto’s taxes are far too low compared [...]

Amsterdam Blonde is one of the first beers that the Amsterdam Brewery ever brewed, back on John St. in 1986. The Amsterdam Blonde also happened to be my personal favourite, ranked first place in the six-pack sampler I had received as homework after my tour. Earlier, I met with Heather Mundle of the Amsterdam marketing [...]

One month of winter down and two to go! How have you been keeping up with your New Year’s goals? I’m going to brag for a quick second and say that I have been doing great in my goal to drink more water and stretch daily, but more importantly so have Carol and Dave. While [...]

Leaside likes Honda the Best

They say the type of car you drive says a lot about your personality. Read on to see what types of cars Leasiders are driving, and then draw your own conclusions. The British marketing research agency, YouGov, in the course of its consulting work, has gathered a database of information over the years profiling the [...]

Three years ago, I embarked on an exercise of fun — and potential learning! The Leaside Stock Index was born in February 2014 as the result of an innocent drive past the Canadian headquarters of Lincoln Electric on Wicksteed Avenue in the Leaside Business Park. At the time, I wondered what the company did and [...]

What have we learned from wrestling with tigers?

The Leaside community has recently participated in two applications for major projects on Eglinton, with a third underway. Each project is spurred by the provincially funded Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit project. The three major projects, roughly comparable in terms of size and impact, have proceeded on quite different paths: • 660 Eglinton East (Sunnybrook [...]

Strength in numbers The LPOA wants needs YOU!

I’d like to share with you why the Leaside Property Owners’ Association encourages you to become members of our ratepayers’ group. No, it’s not just a question of finances, important though finances are. And no, we don’t only advocate for those of you who are full dues-paying members – we represent all residents of Leaside, [...]

The pressure to renovate or demolish and rebuild Leaside homes is huge. Whether it’s existing residents who want to expand their homes to meet growing needs (and presumably financial capacity) or developers who want to make a fast buck, the pressure for physical change is without parallel. Committee of Adjustment approval of minor variances is [...]

Put your double-double in the trash-trash

Out for my morning litter walk I came across several discarded Tim Hortons disposable coffee cups. Tim Hortons boasts a strong presence in Leaside, where there are five TH locations: three freestanding, one inside an Esso station, and one inside the Holland Bloorview Centre. We love having Tims in the community. The discarded coffee cups? [...]

Audrey Tobias, 1924-2016

Your memory might be jogged into recalling the 2013 court case involving an 89-year-old peace activist who refused to complete the 2011 census because it was processed using software from the U.S. military contractor Lockheed Martin. That was Audrey Tobias. It is a good thing she was acquitted, as she vowed that if found guilty, [...]

On their second date, Shelly was determined to see if Joe Raftis had any athletic ability, so she booked an outside court at her tennis club, far away from anyone she knew, and they whacked around the ball. Joe “did okay” on the court that day in the summer of 1995, she says. They were [...]

Eight years ago Charlene Kalia started the Laugh Out Loud in Leaside fundraiser to help bring awareness to the Leaside Gardens board of management's initiative to build a second ice pad. After four years of arena fundraising and continued community encouragement, Kalia decided to keep the annual event going to raise money and awareness for [...]

Card games have never been my strong suit. Outside of Uno, I’m most comfortable around basic games like Go Fish or better yet, board games. In my mind, playing bridge was equivalent to the ancient Chinese art of Mahjong – a game of skill passed down through generations, a true battle of superior mental strength. [...]

Last New Year I made two resolutions: One was to perfect my forward bend in pilates, and the other was to drink more water. It’s now 12 months later, and while my forward bend isn’t perfect, it’s come a very long way and I definitely drink more water daily. I set two realistic goals for [...]

It’s January, the decorations are back in the closet for another year, and we’ve consumed all the shortbread and egg nog we possibly can. Now it’s time to get serious about those New Year’s resolutions. You know, the ones where you are going to (fill in the blank): quit smoking, lose weight, drink more water, [...]

The post-war period of the late 1940s and ’50s was a time of great optimism and rapid expansion in many areas of Canadian life. Churches were no exception. North Leaside, which had been developed more recently than the older neighbourhood south of Eglinton Ave., was poised and ready to participate in the boom. As we [...]