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Allan Williams

Harry and Ruth Goldhar are retiring from the community newspaper business, for a second time. After five successful years of operation, the founders of Leaside Life have sold it to new owners. And that means, now that he has given up the editorial reins, Harry, who has always preferred to remain in the background, can [...]

“It was a milestone in Canadian history,” says Drew Hamblin of Sutherland Drive, “the first time the four Canadian divisions fought together as a single unit, and the day Canada stopped being a colony and became a nation in the eyes of the world.” The Battle of Vimy Ridge was fought 100 years ago next [...]

Like Northlea United, profiled in the January issue of Leaside Life, St. Augustine’s Anglican Church is a product of the optimism and post-war boom of the late 1940s. It began as a mission of St. Cuthbert’s to serve the rapidly growing population in North Leaside, with the first service held in the basement of Northlea [...]

Leonard Linton Park The Parks of Leaside

Leaside is home to some of the most interesting – and not just green – parks in Toronto. From the well-loved and well-used Trace Manes and the sprawling Sunnybrook Park to the so-called “Batman Park,” Leaside is brimming with green, recreational spaces. Here’s one that may not be quite as well-known…. Who’s that imposing gentleman [...]

The new rink at Leaside Gardens is now officially the Dr. Tom Pashby Play Safely Rink following a celebration in the William Lea Room January 19 attended by more than 100 invited guests, including Dr. Pashby’s three children, Bill, Bob and Jane Pashby, and past and present board members of the arena, the East York [...]

The post-war period of the late 1940s and ’50s was a time of great optimism and rapid expansion in many areas of Canadian life. Churches were no exception. North Leaside, which had been developed more recently than the older neighbourhood south of Eglinton Ave., was poised and ready to participate in the boom. As we [...]

The return of Bellwood Health Services to the site of the former Donwood Institute (see the December issue of Leaside Life) opens a new chapter in an important Leaside story that deserves to be better known. The name Bellwood recognizes Dr. R. Gordon Bell, a trail-blazing pioneer in addiction treatment. When he opened the Donwood [...]

Stanley Cup dreams lead to Grey Cup ring

“I was never really that interested in football as a kid,” says Mike Bradwell. It’s a surprising admission coming from the former Toronto Argonaut with a 2012 Grey Cup to his name, who was inducted this past month into the Leaside Sports Hall of Fame. “In fact,” he adds, “I didn’t even play football until [...]

It was almost inevitable that Michael Stevenson would one day become a regular volunteer at the Sunnybrook Veterans Centre, once he had retired. “When I chose a military career it was with the aim of serving the community and serving my country,” says the 86-year old Macnaughton Rd. resident. “I was very lucky to get [...]

The people of St. Cuthbert’s Anglican Church have been marking the congregation’s 125th anniversary for the past year, with the festivities culminating in a Homecoming Celebration over the first weekend of October. Why a full year to celebrate an anniversary? “Why not?” asks Heather Conolly, who chaired the 125th anniversary committee at Leaside’s oldest church. [...]

Long before the rise in popularity of the “Tough Mudder” and similar off-road running events, Leaside had its own trail race, the “Mad Dog Scramble,” which marks its 25th annual running on Saturday, October 30th at 11 a.m. Unlike other races that take place in the Serena Gundy and Sunnybrook Park area and stick to [...]

The outpouring of warmth and affection following the news of the sudden death of Leaside crossing guard Boris Cherkassky shows the high regard in which he was held by the children and families he helped to keep safe every morning and afternoon. Boris suffered a heart attack while cycling to his post at Millwood and [...]

It’s back to school time for the 2,000 or so students who attend one of Leaside’s five elementary schools and Anika Brophy has a message for each of them: “Walk or ride your bike to school and stay safe.” The twelve-year-old, who lives on MacNaughton Rd. and is entering grade seven at St. Anselm’s, is [...]

“We wanted to take Georgia’s loss and turn it into something positive to unite the community,” says Jillian Walsh, “something to celebrate play and also celebrate her life.” That something is the planned renovation to the children’s playground at Trace Manes Park. “Our goal is a safe and inclusive park, one that is fully fenced [...]

When Glebe Presbyterian Church amalgamated with Leaside Presbyterian Church three years ago, it wasn’t just a sign of the times – a property-rich but cash-poor congregation with declining membership merging with another congregation in order to survive – although it was that to some extent. It was also a family reunion of sorts, with parent [...]

It was a perfect day for baseball as the 1st annual Leaside Classic was held on Friday, June 17 at Rolph Road School for the boys and at Bennington Heights for the girls. The idea came from St. Anselm’s School principal Richard Walo. “Baseball had been dropped this year from the Catholic board’s inter-school program, [...]

Most Leasiders are probably unaware of one of the most striking parts of St. Anselm’s Church, on Millwood at Bessborough, which has many striking parts. It’s hard to notice the steeple, even though it’s four feet higher than the church itself, which is 50 feet high. The cross on top of the steeple is 12 [...]

June 1 marks the 75th anniversary of the official opening of Leaside United Church at Millwood and McRae. “The building was designed,” says North Leaside resident Doug Brown, “in the Gothic Revival style that was very popular for churches built in the first half of the 20th century, modelled on an English cathedral but on [...]

First time two Flames teams made the finals

For the first time anyone can recall, two Leaside Flames teams made their respective provincial championship tournaments this year, representing the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) against the regional champs from other parts of the province. They both did well, but fell just short of winning it all. The Bantam As finished second in the [...]

The largest sports tournament ever in Leaside

On the weekend of March 11-13 Leaside Arena hosted what was likely the largest sports tournament ever held in Leaside. The Toronto Leaside Wildcats girls’ hockey league’s 37th annual March Madness tournament was bigger than ever with 146 teams participating. That means about 400 coaches and trainers and over 2,400 female hockey players ranging from [...]

Pool will close from mid-May to January

When the current season wraps up in mid-May, the Leaside pool will close for major repairs and not open again until probably next year. “The work is expected to take about six months,” said Henry Stachelbeck, manager of Leaside arena. “If the work is completed on time, we’ll need a couple more weeks to fill [...]

Burnside thinks he has solved that weed problem

Councillor Jon Burnside is optimistic that a solution has been found, using extra help from community groups, for maintaining the Leaside arena grounds so they’re not overgrown with weeds. “The islands [in the parking lot] as well as part of the arena entrance were sodded and will be cut by arena staff. At least three [...]

Leaside resident, former teacher and busy volunteer Elaine Snider started life in the fast lane – literally. She and her twin sister were born as the taxi her mom was in was racing downtown from Moore Park to Toronto Western Hospital. “My mother didn’t know she was having twins,” she says. “My sister Claire was [...]

He’s the oldest curler, 89, at Leaside rink

Howard Cook didn’t start curling until he was 50 years old, but he’s made up for his late start by sticking with the sport for the past 40 years. Leaside’s oldest curler, who will celebrate his 90th birthday in April and his 65th wedding anniversary in March, still curls every Monday and Friday morning at [...]