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Allan Williams

Pool will close from mid-May to January

When the current season wraps up in mid-May, the Leaside pool will close for major repairs and not open again until probably next year. “The work is expected to take about six months,” said Henry Stachelbeck, manager of Leaside arena. “If the work is completed on time, we’ll need a couple more weeks to fill [...]

Burnside thinks he has solved that weed problem

Councillor Jon Burnside is optimistic that a solution has been found, using extra help from community groups, for maintaining the Leaside arena grounds so they’re not overgrown with weeds. “The islands [in the parking lot] as well as part of the arena entrance were sodded and will be cut by arena staff. At least three [...]

Leaside resident, former teacher and busy volunteer Elaine Snider started life in the fast lane – literally. She and her twin sister were born as the taxi her mom was in was racing downtown from Moore Park to Toronto Western Hospital. “My mother didn’t know she was having twins,” she says. “My sister Claire was [...]

He’s the oldest curler, 89, at Leaside rink

Howard Cook didn’t start curling until he was 50 years old, but he’s made up for his late start by sticking with the sport for the past 40 years. Leaside’s oldest curler, who will celebrate his 90th birthday in April and his 65th wedding anniversary in March, still curls every Monday and Friday morning at [...]