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Daniel Girard

Christian Redmann has ample firsthand experience with not making the team. In the early days of his volleyball career, long before playing the indoor game for the University of Toronto, wearing a Canada jersey on the Beach Volleyball World Tour or competing for a spot at the Summer Olympics, Redmann was cut from his share [...]

On their second date, Shelly was determined to see if Joe Raftis had any athletic ability, so she booked an outside court at her tennis club, far away from anyone she knew, and they whacked around the ball. Joe “did okay” on the court that day in the summer of 1995, she says. They were [...]

Remy Cattell still vividly remembers her first cross country race even though it was more than half her lifetime ago. She experienced pre-race nervousness and excitement, struggles through exhausting sand, a quick break to tie a shoelace, encouragement from a teammate, and finally, relief at the finish line. “I didn’t really think about what place [...]

Leaside comes out pitching for Lee Melymick

Lee Melymick has thrown many pitches but never one this inspiring. Little more than a year since sustaining a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed from the waist down, Melymick was back at Talbot Park, throwing out the ceremonial first pitch of a Greater Toronto-Leaside Junior League baseball game between his Leaside Leafs and [...]

Leaside’s biggest baseball season

About the only thing missing from Matt McCallum’s baseball debut was a Jose Bautistaesque bat flip. It would have been fitting since the success of Bautista and the Toronto Blue Jays have created the largest registration ever for the Leaside Baseball Association (LBA). Wearing a new uniform – No. 10 on the back, Beavers emblazoned [...]