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Deborah Kuchme

This long and cold winter has kept me indoors more than I’m used to and caused my annual spring fever to kick in earlier. A bunch of fresh tulips usually calms me down, but not this year. Being stuck indoors has made me aware of how few houseplants I now have. A single orchid in [...]

The Leaside Gardener: The Magic of the Bayview Pixies

Like a tiny seed that blows in the wind and lands on fertile soil, the magic of unseen forces stirs and something new begins. In 2015 a retired teacher and local resident wrote a letter about Bayview Ave. Not only did she identify the problem of weeds, trash and dying trees, she offered a solution. [...]

Leasiders take gardening seriously and know it’s about more than just growing plants. Gardening is about connecting to nature, understanding the environment and working with it. Soil, water, air, temperature and light are essential to life, and each one has a distinct and important role to play. But how many of us think about the [...]

The Leaside Gardener: A tribute to the Northern Spy Apple

We have a wonderful history of apples here in Leaside thanks to John Lea and his son William, who dedicated most of their farmland to apple orchards. Not just any apple either, but the Northern Spy Apple, also known as King or Northern Pie Apple, and with good reason. There is no better apple for [...]

Since my August column in Leaside Life, Container Gardening- Growing up to cool us down!, I asked a few friends with condos in Leaside why so many balconies are empty. Their response? “It’s too windy, hot, dirty, noisy, a lot of work, difficult to dispose of expired plants, and repeating the same process every year [...]

Of all the gardening I do, I think container gardening is my favourite. The fact that a plant can live in a container above ground means that life and beauty can be almost anywhere. They bring energy and fresh oxygen to sterile spaces and expand nature to where there was none. On a deck, a [...]

The Norway maples were specifically chosen by our street planners because of their ability to thrive. These trees could take compacted soil, pollution, and produce a quick canopy for our streets. That must have seemed like a great idea at the time. Some 80 years later, the Norway maples have taken over 60 per cent [...]

The Leaside Gardener: Embracing our roots!

Leaside has been fortunate to have in its history a series of events where each change of hands made a positive difference in embracing our rich nature. John Lea knew it with his farmland in 1819 and so did his son William, the poet and nature lover who expanded the farm. Fredrick Todd knew it [...]