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Carol Burtin Fripp

A passing, and continually contentious issues

I begin this month’s column on a sad note. Tom Rae has died. My LPOA colleague since 1989, Tom was a professional traffic engineer and planner who, before coming to Canada from Scotland, worked throughout the world. He had an international reputation, and generously volunteered his expertise to benefit Leaside. Those of you who have [...]

The LPOA predicts…

We are still close enough to the beginning of the New Year to indulge in a few predictions for Leaside in 2018. My first: the City will once again send out property tax bills right after the holidays (they really know how to say Happy New Year), and once again we’ll be reminded that the [...]

Get involved! The LPOA wants you

Annual General Meetings provide an important opportunity for ratepayer groups to provide accountability to their members, and to the larger community. We were glad to see about 200 of you at the 2017 Leaside Property Owners’ Association AGM on November 29th, so we could fill you in on what the LPOA has been doing over [...]

LPOA: news: Leaside’s newest hotspot

The sounds of screeching brakes, car horns, and occasional ambulance sirens during rush hours are the all-too frequent scene these days at the intersection of Bayview Ave. and Parkhurst Blvd., Leaside’s newest accident hot spot. This been an increasingly fraught intersection for some time, and it’s getting worse. Drivers try to avoid the LRT construction [...]

It’s time for the LPOA annual general meeting

Please mark Wednesday, November 29th in your calendar, and join the Leaside Property Owners’ Association for our Annual General Meeting. This is an opportunity to catch up on all the latest issues and developments in our community, ask questions, offer opinions, and get together with your neighbours. We have reserved the William Lea Room at [...]

Which one are you: a NIMBY or a YIMBY?

As a Leasider I found the recent media controversy about “NIMBY” vs “YIMBY” in Toronto quite disturbing. Much of the media coverage seemed intent on pitting homeowners and established communities against those facing a genuine need for housing. There was more than a whiff of resentment toward people who already own their homes and value [...]

Leaside, the town that never sleeps

New York City used to be called “the city that never sleeps.” That description increasingly describes Toronto, at least in the policy sense. Even in the hazy heat of summer there are always deadlines to meet, new or continuing issues to attend to, something going on. Construction and reconstruction of roads and intersections are either [...]

Welcome to Leaside’s obstacle course

By the time you read this, the reconstruction of the Laird/Millwood intersection, described in my June column, should be well underway, with resultant diversions and lineups. Travelling from A to B has become a bit of an obstacle course, and is certainly a challenge. So I know that traffic issues will continue to be on [...]

Working together to find solutions to traffic woes in Leaside

This being Leaside Life’s Canada 150 edition, I thought I’d contribute a bit of history to this month’s column. Once upon a time, there was no through traffic along Southvale Drive. In fact, there was no Southvale Drive. You may have noticed that, unlike most other east/west streets in the city, house numbers on Southvale [...]

Get ready for construction woes at Laird and Millwood

Leasiders no doubt will recall the massive delays and congestion of a year or so ago, when the Bayview Extension was being repaved between Rosedale Valley Rd. and Moore Ave. Southbound traffic along Bayview Ave. was clogged, as were all access streets (Moore, McRae and Merton among them). On one otherwise lovely evening it took [...]

Leaside, how does your traffic flow?

Thank you to the almost 600 of you who returned the LPOA’s traffic survey questionnaires, many accompanied by lengthy and detailed additional comments and suggestions. Here are some key findings: Everyone agreed that police enforcement of signage and speed limits is rare, where it happens at all. Drivers know this. Secure in the knowledge that [...]

The joys of traffic in Leaside

Spring arrives, with better weather, green grass and daffodils blooming. There is also a less welcome change: our through traffic numbers increase. With the ice and snow a fading memory, drivers across the city – across the entire GTA – rediscover the joys of driving through Leaside. Those of us who live here notice that [...]

L•E•A•S•I•D•E Then & Now

Thirty, even 20 years ago, when Leaside homes changed hands, the new owners might put in a new kitchen or upgrade the bathroom. Some settled for a new coat of paint. It was pretty big news if more extensive renovations were planned. Not any more. These days, regardless whether a house has been bought by [...]

Strength in numbers The LPOA wants needs YOU!

I’d like to share with you why the Leaside Property Owners’ Association encourages you to become members of our ratepayers’ group. No, it’s not just a question of finances, important though finances are. And no, we don’t only advocate for those of you who are full dues-paying members – we represent all residents of Leaside, [...]

Time to calm the traffic mayhem in Leaside

It used to be that Leasiders living on quiet streets felt relatively unscathed by traffic speed or volume, and were unsympathetic to those of us who lived on the neighbourhood’s busier streets. If we complained – “you knew when you moved there that it was a busy street,” they’d say. Fast forward to now. Residents [...]

Let’s set the record straight – we’re on your side!

Occasionally the LPOA hears from Leasiders who either disagree with a position the board has taken or who have been led to believe that we are about to take a position which could harm the community. At November’s monthly LPOA board meeting, a number of residents deputed in support of the amended design for 939 [...]

Will provincial review limit OMB powers?

You’ve heard the expression. “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away”. Developers who apply to build inappropriately dense or high mega projects don’t die, nor do they just fade away. They head to the OMB. Appearing at hearings of the Ontario Municipal Board is an expensive prospect for ratepayer groups like the LPOA and [...]

No movie rescue for Leaside

Drip. Drip. Drip. Remember the old movies of the past, featuring adventurous heroes who, captured by the bad guys, were chained to the wall of a small locked room? Water would be dripping down, soon to flood the room and drown our hero. Except that our hero was always rescued in the nick of time. [...]

All our new developments put a strain on sewer system

As we know, Leaside is ground zero for major intensification. Every new development puts a heavy additional strain on the existing sewer system, which was already insufficient to deal with current neighbourhood usage. At the LPOA’s July board meeting, we heard an important presentation from Debra Satok, a resident of the North York neighbourhood of [...]

Why a speeder wasn’t charged

An enraged Leasider wrote to me recently. He’d spotted a car being driven west at 53 km/h in the 40 km/h zone along Millwood Rd., as clocked by the speed detector sign at Rumsey. The driver maintained this speed, zooming past the intersection to beat the traffic light at Millwood and McRae where Georgia Walsh [...]

Leaside will NOT be split into two wards

Last month I promised to bring you up to date on what’s happening with the controversial proposals to change our municipal ward boundaries, to tell you about the LPOA’s June 21 public consultation meeting on the also controversial topic of traffic, and to give you details about our about-to-start new Bayview South bus route. I [...]

Survey says our biggest worry is about traffic

The April 15 deadline for responses to our resident survey has passed. With the huge development proposal for 939 Eglinton East in mind (and in the knowledge that Leaside in general has become a prime development target) the survey was organized to gather Leasiders’ opinions and comments on what we want for the future of [...]

LRT may kill buses on Eglinton

Picture this: It’s 2021 and the new Eglinton LRT is finally operating. The years of digging, noise and disruption during its construction are over. You emerge from the underground LRT station at Bayview Ave.at mid-afternoon, to wait for a bus that will take you along Eglinton to Rumsey, to pick up your child from Northlea [...]

Not happy with change process

In last month’s Leaside Life, I described a report commissioned by the city to redraw Toronto’s 44 municipal ward boundaries and make city wards more equal in size. The report proposed five alternative designs, four of which divide Leaside in half, and a fifth which keeps Leaside in one piece but moves us into a [...]

Decision coming soon
 for our political future

Almost three years ago, City Council hired consultants to study and re-draw the city’s 44 municipal boundaries. Some wards have over 90,000 residents, while others have as few as 47,000. Our ward, Ward 26, is somewhere in the middle with just over 60,000. The consultants submitted their report in mid-August last year, offering five design [...]

We will ask all Leasiders their opinion

“Development” has become a four-letter word in Leaside.  All too often, the planning process proceeds in its official way without enough feedback from neighbourhood residents. A single city-held public consultation meeting is hardly sufficient to measure local opinion, or to identify and generate alternative suggestions. Fortunately the Ontario legislature passed The Smart Planning Act (Bill [...]

Keesmaat: She left many feeling let down

Do Leasiders complain too much about traffic, or local mega-proposals for huge condominiums, or the impact of ever-expanding retail complexes?  As residents in the centre of a major city, should we be expected to just take these pressures on our community in stride and hope for the best?  No. We all chose Leaside as our [...]