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Gerri Gershon

When Swedish statistician Hans Rosling died recently, the world lost an incredible communicator – someone who brought to life the concept that decisions should not be based on hunch or instinct but on the facts. In this tradition, the TDSB wants to make the best possible decisions for our students so we are about to [...]

Our Schools in Leaside are old – Bessborough is the oldest, built in 1923. Rolph Rd was constructed in 1939 and Northlea and Leaside High School in 1943. The newest school in our neighbourhood is Bennington Heights, constructed in 1950. The physical spaces that our schools occupy – the buildings and the grounds – have [...]

Did you ever carelessly throw a recycling item into the garbage? Are you lax about how much waste you create or energy you use? Do you really understand the effects of global warming? Well, the students in our local schools understand how to recycle, reuse and conserve. Each school voluntarily takes part in a unique [...]

In November, thousands of students in the TDSB celebrate two important events – Remembrance Day and Aboriginal Education Month. It is a time of reflection and enquiry when we examine our past and look to the future. Recognizing the month provides an opportunity to re-examine how Aboriginal perspectives, histories and contemporary realities are crucial to [...]

Old schools need new money

As a community we want our schools to be healthy, well-maintained places of learning for our students. The maintenance and upgrading of our schools is a serious challenge faced by the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). But this was not always the case. As your trustee, I represent portions of three former school boards – [...]

Huge quality rating for our schools

Our neighborhood schools have a “HUGE- really huge” quality rating. And I say this not because I am partial to hyperbole like Donald Trump, but because I am a long-time trustee and I have had some unique experiences. As former president of both the Ontario and Canadian School Boards Associations, I have visited schools across [...]