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Laird is giving Bayview a run for its money

It’s been a long time since I’ve written about the businesses operating on or near Laird Dr. I’ve been a little preoccupied with Bayview Ave.’s accident-prone intersection at Parkhurst Ave. Time to turn the page and do a little catching up. If Bayview Ave. is the Fifth Ave. of Leaside, Laird Dr. is the Meatpacking [...]

Issues update

195 Glenvale Blvd. The Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB) decision in this case (heard on Sept. 13 and released Oct. 6) was to allow the appeal against the Committee of Adjustment’s refusal in May 2017 of the minor variance application to construct a two-storey dwelling with an integral garage and a flat roof. As reported [...]

Way back in January of this year, I began a series on health and wellness featuring two Leasiders – Carol Townsley and Dave Sparrow. Since many of us may be noticing the summer indulgences showing up around our waistlines about now, I decided to check in with one of our intrepid “guinea pigs,” Carol, to [...]

Barb Gosse’s crusade to end human trafficking Leaside People: Meet Your Neighbours

Barb Gosse’s route to becoming CEO of the Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking was certainly not a straight one. The Airdrie Rd. resident was originally an urban planner who moved to Leaside with her husband more than a quarter century ago. When husband Wayne and Barb were house-hunting in 1991, they weren’t even aware [...]

For Grade 8 student Curtis Evoy, the class trip from Terrace Bay to Toronto, which included a visit to Allan Gardens, changed his life. When he finished high school, he enrolled at Seneca College in Horticulture, and has now spent 29 years working in the field for the City of Toronto, most recently at Toronto’s [...]

Four new members to join the Leaside Sports Hall of Fame

The Leaside Sports Hall of Fame will add four new members at its annual induction ceremony in November. Two of the new inductees were recently profiled in the pages of Leaside Life: distance runner Robert Moore and boxer Shawn O’Sullivan. The other two are NHL hockey player Dave Gardner and former recreation director of the [...]

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and perhaps no one has more to be thankful for than Amjad Alhayak. Amjad is a refugee from Syria, newly settled in our community, and the first thing he mentions is how grateful he is to have made his way with his family to Leaside and the Thorncliffe Neighborhood [...]

The Leaside Gardener: A tribute to the Northern Spy Apple

We have a wonderful history of apples here in Leaside thanks to John Lea and his son William, who dedicated most of their farmland to apple orchards. Not just any apple either, but the Northern Spy Apple, also known as King or Northern Pie Apple, and with good reason. There is no better apple for [...]

Meet the principals, Part 2 Back to School

Leaside has welcomed another new principal. He is Donato Di Paolo of St. Anselm Catholic School, who came from Canadian Martyrs Catholic School in East York, where he was principal for three years. Mr. Di Paolo studied history at York University before earning his teaching degree in Perth, Australia. He also has specialist qualifications in [...]

Men with axes invade Leaside!

Leasiders travelling on Esandar Dr. behind Longo’s on the evening of Sat., Oct. 14 might be startled to see a number of men throwing axes in the parking lot of Amsterdam Brewery. They might think they’ve stumbled onto a movie set in the Middle Ages or a lumberjack camp. In fact, it’s the site of [...]

Blacksmithing always brings to mind a certain era. Ages of old when Black Creek Pioneer Village may have been a bustling downtown core, when horses were hondas, and dragons were the stuff of legends. Back then, it would have been rare to see a female blacksmith, but today, Leaside’s blacksmith Tom Mourgas says women are [...]

A wise person once said, “The only way you’ll catch me running is if someone is chasing me!” A wiser person hears about the Monster Dash and can’t wait to run! Or walk. On Sunday, October 29th, batmen, princesses, ninja turtles, and other characters will participate in the sixth annual Monster Dash in Sunnybrook Park. [...]

There is plenty of buzz on Bayview these days. It seems every other shop is new or opening soon. For those of us who pass by daily, it can be hard to keep up. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the new businesses on the strip: 2 BROS CUISINE: Formerly Rosie’s Kitchen, this place [...]

Catching up with the Trace Manes playground revitalization

It has been just over two years since Jillian Walsh and a group of her friends approached me to discuss the future of the playground at Trace Manes Park. Much has happened since then with boundless hard work, love and passion. Soon, the entire community will benefit. Although the playground is a favourite spot of [...]

Which one are you: a NIMBY or a YIMBY?

As a Leasider I found the recent media controversy about “NIMBY” vs “YIMBY” in Toronto quite disturbing. Much of the media coverage seemed intent on pitting homeowners and established communities against those facing a genuine need for housing. There was more than a whiff of resentment toward people who already own their homes and value [...]

Two-time Canadian champion leads the Rolph Road School Trailblazers

Torontonians are fortunate to have access to a wealth of trails for hiking, walking, running, inline skating…and for the kids of Rolph Road School, mountain biking. Every Monday, when the weather is dry, the Rolph Road Trailblazers head to the Don Valley trails leading down from the Redway Loblaws and experience the thrills of mountain [...]

Take your life in your hands at this intersection?

Duck you, witch! If you’re good at anagrams, you shouldn’t have a hard time figuring out the true meaning of these three words. That’s what two guys in their 30s driving a new Acura SUV recently called my wife as we were attempting to cross Parkhurst Blvd., walking north on Bayview to our apartment. We [...]

Leaside Viaduct enters its 10th decade

On October 29 raise a glass to celebrate the Leaside Viaduct as it enters its 10th decade. Built in 1927, the Leaside Viaduct (aka Millwood or Leaside bridge) over the Don Valley was a game changer for the Town of Leaside. The bridge drastically improved access from the south and east to the community and [...]

This is why Vanderburg must pick up every piece of garbage

When I took on the personal mission of becoming the litter police in Leaside, I did so for many reasons. I like a clean park for my son, grandchildren and all children to play in, so I pick up random litter at the Trace Manes children’s parkette. I like a clean vista to gaze upon [...]

Bayview properties up for heritage listing

Forty-three Bayview commercial properties, including 31 on the east (Leaside) side and 12 on the west (Davisville) side are recommended for listing under the Ontario Heritage Act. City Council will decide on October 2nd. Really! Accustomed as we are to hearing about heritage losses through “as of right” demolition, such as at Stollery’s (Bloor and [...]

Noteworthy and disappointing: 30 Parkhurst Blvd. and 34 Cameron Cres.

  Two recent decisions, one from the OMB involving an appeal by the LPOA of a Committee of Adjustment decision, and the other involving a Committee of Adjustment decision, are noteworthy – and disappointing. Both cases concerned applications for minor variances involving demolition and replacement of the existing dwellings: original two-storey houses in Tudor Revival [...]

June 24th, 2017. National Hockey League Draft Day. As many young hockey players paced the floor nervously or chewed on their fingernails hoping they might hear their names being called by a big league team, Leasiders Jacob Golden and Will Reilly were spending their days somewhat differently. On that Saturday, Golden’s parents had left to [...]

Over the past four decades, Canada has become something of a hotbed of children’s books produced by Canadians. We owe much of this interest to the imaginative works of author Robert Munsch and his long-time illustrator, Michael Martchenko, who resides right here in Leaside and is often inspired by what he sees from his window. [...]

Summerhill’s Ian Morton spearheads a new BIA for Laird MEET YOUR NEIGHBOURS

Leaside Industrial Area. Leaside Business Park. Both the same physical area, but as times change, so do names. And according to Ian Morton, the founder and executive chairman of Summerhill on Commercial Rd., there may be a new name denoting a Business Improvement Area (BIA) in the not-so-distant future. There certainly was a time when [...]

Leaside students, get ready for a revolution in education!

I love the first day of school! It’s a joyous event and full of promise. Yes, there is the occasional tear, but during those first days, the anticipation of the coming year is palpable and so filled with hope. At this time I always ask: are we adequately preparing Bennington, Rolph, Bessborough, Northlea and Leaside [...]