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Vicki Hall

It’s always exciting when a new business opens in Leaside. You might have noticed that the southeast corner of Sutherland and McRae is now the home of Salon Ten Ten. This business might be new to the neighbourhood, but owners Hilary Comiskey and her boyfriend Billy Tsopotos are certainly no strangers to the area. Hilary [...]

A few weeks ago I emailed Carol and Dave to let them know that April would be the last month I would be covering their story. They’ve come to the end of their 12-week program with Inside Out Studio, and I fully expected emails back with one word in the subject line: “phew.” Instead…crickets! When [...]

March Break can either be a welcome time for a vacation with your family or a week or two filled with the classic cry of ‘I’m bored, what do we do now?” For those of you who have chosen the ‘staycation’ route, Leaside Life has compiled a guide to some of the camps for kids [...]

You know the saying: “You can never really understand someone until you walk a mile in their shoes”? So guess what I did? I walked in Dave and Carol’s gym shoes at InsideOut Health & Fitness for a 45-minute training session. Now I really understand how hard they’re working to reach their goals. But the [...]

One month of winter down and two to go! How have you been keeping up with your New Year’s goals? I’m going to brag for a quick second and say that I have been doing great in my goal to drink more water and stretch daily, but more importantly so have Carol and Dave. While [...]

Card games have never been my strong suit. Outside of Uno, I’m most comfortable around basic games like Go Fish or better yet, board games. In my mind, playing bridge was equivalent to the ancient Chinese art of Mahjong – a game of skill passed down through generations, a true battle of superior mental strength. [...]

Last New Year I made two resolutions: One was to perfect my forward bend in pilates, and the other was to drink more water. It’s now 12 months later, and while my forward bend isn’t perfect, it’s come a very long way and I definitely drink more water daily. I set two realistic goals for [...]

It’s January, the decorations are back in the closet for another year, and we’ve consumed all the shortbread and egg nog we possibly can. Now it’s time to get serious about those New Year’s resolutions. You know, the ones where you are going to (fill in the blank): quit smoking, lose weight, drink more water, [...]

  The holidays are quickly approaching, and if you’re anything like me, the crowds and hustle and bustle aren’t your favourite things about this joyous season. Luckily we live in a vibrant community that offers a lot of fantastic choices when it comes to shopping for our friends and loved ones. So instead of taking [...]