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Guest Columnists

Lumley Avenue The Streets of Leaside

Many streets in Leaside were built and named for the executives behind Toronto’s Belt Line Railway and the Canadian National Railway to mark the impact of their contributions to the growth of rapid transit in the growing metropolis. Lumley Avenue in Bennington Heights took its name from one of these notables. Sir Henry Lumley Drayton [...]

Industrial Arts and slow dancing at Bessborough

I spent eight years at Bessborough School in the late ’60s and early ’70s. I have very fond memories of life at Bessborough. I well remember entering Grade 7 and being introduced to the nether world of Industrial Arts, colloquially known as “shop class.” I was never what would you call “handy.” Whenever I would [...]

Harper always was a dedicated right-winger!

The summer is behind us and there’s that ever so slight chill in the air. Fall is here. And for hundreds of kids in Leaside, you know what that means. No, not the sugar rush of Halloween, or even the Thanksgiving weekend, which will yield a precious day off school. No, it really means that [...]

50 years later, LAPI’s only case remains unsolved

I don’t exactly recall what prompted us to establish LAPI in the beginning. It was probably a misspent childhood reading every Hardy Boys mystery my twin brother Tim and I could lay our hands on. Or perhaps it was after we’d read the official Hardy Boys Detective Handbook. Surely there was a demand for such [...]

The old peeled potato trick

Years before the Blue Jays played their first game at the old Exhibition Stadium back in 1977, the best baseball around could be found on the big diamond at Talbot Park, just down the street from our house. We spent many summer nights watching the big boys play under the lights. Because we lived so [...]

Streaking? It seemed like a good idea at the time!

Celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday has naturally prompted me to look back at some of the high points in the life of our country and community. While engaged in this honourable and reflective pursuit, I also came across one of the low points, and my own modest (or rather immodest) complicity. Yes, I know I’m dating [...]

The four Fiat bike jump

It was the summer of 1972. I was 12 years old, and coincidently, so was my twin brother, Tim. One day after school, we both walked into the Fiat dealership that used to be located on the southeast corner of Bayview and Eglinton, years before the McDonald’s opened at that same spot. Tim was the [...]

It’s ho-ho-ho time at Leaside’s schools

It’s the holiday season and Leaside’s schools are buzzing with students preparing for fun-filled festivities. Here are just a few of the plans to make merry this season: St. Anselm Catholic School A major highlight is St. Anselm Catholic School’s holiday concert, which will be held next door at St. Anselm Catholic Parish Church on [...]

‘Demand right-sized (not might-sized)’

My name is Kate Whitehead. I am a mother of three and a resident of Leaside. I live on Bessborough Dr. in North Leaside. The proposed high rise at Sunnybrook Plaza threatens the very fabric of our community. Leaside is not downtown Toronto. Anyone who has driven downtown, with all of the massive high-rise development [...]