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Letters April

LETTERS Re: Leasiders who chose to go home again Hello, my name is Anne and I am a newbie on the Leaside strip and very comfortable and happy to be here. It’s a friendly place: people smile, chat, then go about their business. One such chat in the checkout line in the Valu-mart led to [...]

Letters – March 2017

Re: Litterati I enjoy reading Cheryl’s columns. Like her, I too take issue with what I see on the ground, namely at Leonard Linton Park on Vanderhoof. The park services skateboarders, basketball players and children on the playscape. There are numerous garbage and recycling bins but some people are simply lazy! I have picked up [...]

Letters – February 2017

Re: Terry Fallis’s Industrial Arts and slow dancing at Bessborough (November 2017) Bessborough School, Grade 4, Valentine’s Day. This was my first experience designing a valentine for some girl in the class. I got Jeannie’s name in the draw. I hid it in my pocket and resolved to make the best of things. Jeannie, you [...]

Letters – January 2018

Leaside High students on college vs. university? Ms. Zhen Park-Vandal wrote a terrific, well-informed article in the December issue of “Leaside Life.” She compared attending college versus university after graduating from high school. It is awesome that she is thinking about her future work direction, and is investigating where and how to gain the skills [...]

Letters – December 2017

Planning decisions should be made locally According to Geoff Kettel’s article in last month’s Leaside Life, the recently established Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB), which now hears appeals from decisions of the Committee of Adjustment, is proving to be just as unfriendly to residents as the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) it replaced. While Committee of [...]

Letters – November 2017

Re: Laird in Focus Phase 2 Alternative Development Options, This is a “collective nudge” to encourage the Leaside community to offer your views on the Alternative Development Options currently proposed by the Laird in Focus (LIF) Planning Study and presented at a public meeting on Oct. 17 at Leaside United Church. The LIF Study is [...]

LETTERS – October 2017

Re: Will Ashworth’s Business of Leaside column, “To hell with pedestrians” Given that a stoplight at Parkhurst and Bayview would drastically increase the dangers to the many children walking to and from school, Will’s contention is categorically wrong. Parkhurst has been harder hit than many Leaside streets, as it’s a clear path from Bayview to [...]

Letters – September 2017

Hooray for the Leaside traffic officers Wonderful to read about this fabulous group of young people and their efforts to make a difference in the traffic nightmare we are all experiencing. Can we borrow them for the corner of Southvale and Mallory Crescent?! The clever “Stop. Don’t do the ‘Leaside Slide’” sign that someone recently [...]

Letters – August 2017

“What Would Trace Manes say?” First I would like to say to your reporter that if she is to criticize an organization that was established in 1953 and has played every regular season and playoff game at Trace Manes Park with thousands of kids participating in the league over the years (this year the league [...]

Letters – July 2017

MICHAEL BLISS I was pleased to see the article that Leaside Life reran last month to recognize the passing of Michael Bliss. For me, the loss of Michael Bliss is personal. Professor Bliss entered my life as one half of a two-man act in the UofT history department that included James Careless. They introduced themselves [...]

Letters – December 2016

Re: Carol Burton-Fripp and no movie rescue for Leaside Carol Burtin- Fripp says there is no movie rescue for Leaside. I wonder if she saw “Animal House”. Fripp pondered the responsibility of the planners. If planners are professional they have a duty to advise council if density is problematic. They have a duty to give [...]

Letters – November 2016

Re Business of Leaside Mr. Ashworth: Sometimes being a contrarian is neat. But your recent column on 939 is just provocative. Consider these points: 1. Residents are not responsible for adding more millions to Diamond’s pockets than the current millions they envision. 2. If the only way they thought they could make money on this [...]

Letters – September 2016

Cover Story – Meet a new neighbor The bird in the picture of the above article is not a peregrine falcon but a merlin. My husband and I are bird watchers (very amateur), but when looking at the picture we knew the bird in it is not a peregrine. (They usually nest on very tall [...]

Letters – July 2016

Memories of yesterday’s beauty shop Last month Leaside Life featured an article about Sandy’s Cycle located at 864 Millwood Ave. during the 1970s and 1980s. The small shop was described as “the size of a two-seater barber shop” by Sandy’s son David. This brought back many memories for me because at the back of the [...]

Letters June 2016

I would suggest it is… sudden recent population increase and the predictions of extraordinary future increases that are the cause of the ‘redevelopment’ projects that abound in our community. I note the letter to the editor in your May issue outlining the “threat to the welfare and quality of life” of Leaside from “proposed and yet to be disclosed [...]

After more than 30 years it’s time to change the Leaside Memorial Community Gardens billboard. Technically speaking, the old sign no longer conforms to the city’s legal standards, and practically speaking the new proposed sign will afford the arena and the community many much-improved benefits. While the new sign would be located in the same [...]

Letters – May 2016

A crisis is threatening the welfare and quality of life of my beloved Leaside. The threat arises from the tsunami of proposed and yet to be disclosed redevelopment projects unleashed by the Crosstown LRT. I believe this crisis is the result of the structural democratic deficit wrought by the amalgamation of the six boroughs of [...]

Letters – April 2016

‘Never witnessed such blatant disregard’ We are relatively new to Leaside. In our short time here, I have noticed that the great majority of drivers in our area either roll through stop signs or ignore them altogether. I have lived in several different parts of Toronto and have never witnessed such blatant disregard for our [...]

When reading Leaside Life this month, I was very interested in the book Mobilize! Why Canada Was Unprepared for the Second World War, by Larry Rose. My family immigrated to Canada from China two years ago, and we currently live in Hyde Park on Aerodrome Cres. We love the Leaside community greatly; one of the [...]

Confessing to an old secret Subject: Life in Leaside 1932-1946. I recently found your newspaper on the internet. Leaside brings many fond memories from skating in the park at McRae and Millwood and early Sunday school at Leaside United. I remember one severe winter when I had to ski to the fire station near McRae [...]

Letters – December 2015

‘Ashworth does a great disservice’ Why do you persist in providing a platform for Will Ashworth in Leaside Life? Leaside businesses likely need Ashworth’s advocacy as much as Leaside stockholders need his futile Leaside Stock Index. Your most recent publication would have benefited far more from an article drawing attention to the plight of the [...]

Letters – November 2015

Metrolinx is getting a bad rap Recent issues of Leaside Life have included columns that sound an alarm bell over word that Metrolinx is acquiring land at the south-east corner of Bayview and Eglinton in connection with the proposed LRT station to be built there. The comments drip with speculation as to a hidden agenda [...]

Letters – October 2015

A split Leaside ‘not effective representation’ Open letter to Councillor Jon Burnside: Dear Councillor Burnside, I write with reference to the Toronto Ward Boundary Review, and the ward redesigns provided in its report. The Leaside Property Owners’ Association, Inc. (LPOA) is concerned about the five options provided. Four of the five divide our community in half, [...]

Letters – July 2015

‘Oblivious to hypocrisy’ Save our Leaside? What Leaside? Let’s have a look. A traditional Leaside home comes up for sale. It is scooped up by a developer, torn down, and a large, $1 million+ house built in its place, which looks nothing like a traditional Leaside home. The house is bought by a wealthy young [...]

Letters – June 2015

The BIA’s efforts to improve parking issues along Bayview should not just focus on cars. Leaside is home to many cyclists (and the Leaside chapter of one of Toronto’s largest cycling clubs, Morning Glory). Yet, despite the fact that the sidewalks were recently redone by the city, there is a serious shortage of bike racks [...]

Letters – May 2015

Property tax became easier After 45 years in the same house in North Leaside, we have decided to sell and move on. Like many Leaside Lifers, we raised our family, tended our garden, and enjoyed the benefits of our community. In the process of trying to throw out stuff that we no longer need, we’ve [...]

Letters – March 2015

She thought Sunnybrook could not be changed Really enjoy Leaside Life. I feel it keeps me up to date on all that is happening in our area. I was not altogether shocked to see that there is a proposal to build on Sunnybrook Plaza. However, I was told many years ago that Sunnybrook Plaza was the [...]