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Letters – February 2015

Epitomizing spirit of Leaside in the ‘50s Re: Leaside Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony I had the pleasure of attending the recent induction ceremony for the latest entrants. My family grew up in North Leaside and my brother Bruce and I were very active in the sports community right from atom baseball at Trace [...]

Letters – January 2015

‘Let’s change our pink ribbons to red’ I wonder if the neighbourhood would like to switch the pink ribbons we have all around our trees and posts for Georgia Walsh to red ribbons? The new ribbons would let the Walsh family know, as well as other families who have suffered tragic loss, that we are [...]

Letters – December 2014

We are not the paper roll company Thank you for the article on St. Anselm’s 75th anniversary. I have many fond memories of my days there. However, I want to point out that my surname is misspelled — there is no X at the end of Rouleau. You may see Rouleau with an X on [...]

Letters – November 2014

Low flying noisy aircraft make music to my ears Listening to aircraft flying into Pearson, I hear the sound of prosperity. I hear Canadian business travellers returning from other parts of Canada, the U.S. or overseas. I hear others arriving to attend conferences or to do business in the GTA and elsewhere in southern Ontario. [...]

Letters – September 2014

Two Gurkha films in the archives Lorna Krawchuk reports (July) that Gurkha Welfare Appeal (Canada) archives have been housed in the Tanager Ave. home of the late Major Michael Burke and his widow, Carol. Two items in that archive may be videos of films that I blocked out and scripted, following conversations with Major Burke. [...]

Letters – July 2014

The following is an exchange of letters about seeking heritage designation for South Leaside: I am pleased that steps have been taken to protect South Leaside as a heritage designation district but I am very concerned that no equal steps have been taken to protect North Leaside. Our original homes are essentially the same as [...]

Letters – June 2014

Ashworth doesn’t get what’s best for Bayview Back in 2004 Councillor Jane Pitfield tried to get 1560 Bayview torn down for a parking structure. Fortunately the tenants at 1560 and the neighbourhood residents squelched that bad idea. Now in 2014, Will Ashworth (Leaside Life, May) seems to feel that since there are vacancies in 1560 [...]

Letters – May 2014

Our book club is committed to help Bayview The March 2014 cover piece by Patricia Phenix and the debate by Kettel  vs  Ashworth on pages 20-21,  which focused on Bayview’s bleak business outlook, couldn’t be more timely. A stroll down the street on our first warm day in March substantiated this for me. Retail is [...]

Letters – April 2014

Oh Leaside, is every proposed change bad? Oh Leaside, is every proposed change something that will be objected to? Intensifying along transportation corridors is sensible planning. And two-storey buildings are much better than 27-storey buildings – just visit most major European cities. I think it would be better if we spent more of our energies [...]

March 2014 Letters

A challenge to debate Leaside development Will Ashworth has it all wrong. To start with Yonge and Eglinton, there are more than 500 floors of condos in the process. The Yonge subway is beyond capacity. There isn’t space on local streets or in local schools. The downtown relief line is at least 15 years off [...]

Letters – January 2014

Friday morning poop pick-up problem solved Throughout the month of October, a small pile of garbage — including dog poop baggies — kept appearing Friday mornings on Rumsey Rd. in the exact location the library garbage bins are put out for collection. The first time it happened, so as not to spoil my morning coffee [...]

Letters – December 2013

Is the wrong guy called out of touch? Reference Issue # 22, November, Redway Out Of Touch. Surely it is Barry Schneider who is Out Of Touch. Barry is correct in pointing out that Alan’s business park (not industrial park) is becoming a retail park and he goes on to support that change. Unfortunately, the [...]


Redway ‘out of touch’ about business park I am tired of reading Alan Redway’s monthly fret about the future of the Leaside industrial area.  I find his description of the history of the area to be interesting but his worries indicate that he is out of touch with the modern society and the modern economy. [...]


A thank you to good Samaritans A huge thank you to the good Samaritans that stopped to help me after a very bad fall on Bayview Ave. on July 2. When I finally raised my head and saw the warm smile on the teacher’s face and found myself in the comforting arms of a handsome [...]

Letters – July 2013

Traffic study is too late I read in the weekly local paper that John Parker, our rep on Metro council, is trying to have a traffic study done in Leaside to see what can be done about the excessive traffic (and air pollution – but that somehow never gets mentioned). Didn’t anyone let him know [...]

Letters – June 2013

Send us your letters before the 10th of each month for the following month’s issue. An enclave for the rich I find the destruction of perfectly good homes in this area to be so immoral, but I can’t seem to convince anybody, especially not Councillor John Parker. Out with the old and in with the new [...]

Letters – May 2013

We got a lot of complaints (RE: EG-BRENT 1280 condos in new plan, April, 2013) As LPOA President, I would like to take this opportunity to comment on the article by Will Ashworth in the previous issue of Leaside Life. Mr. Ashworth’s column provided his opinion and support for a 1.2 million sf, 1,280-condo unit [...]


I very much enjoyed reading the letter from Margo Holland in the March issue, and wholeheartedly agreed with her sentiments. Please let her know she is not alone! Following is the text of a letter I sent to NAV Canada, copying John Parker, Kathleen Wynne and the GTAA: I read your letter to John Carmichael [...]

Letters – March 2013

Nice photo but… That’s an interesting photograph last month of the first airmail delivery in Canada to the Leaside aerodrome. But there’s something about it that doesn’t ring right. The date in the paper is June 24 and everyone there is dressed for the middle of winter. William Lennon, McRae Dr. The photo on the cover [...]

Letters – February 2013

Do you know the right date? I always wait for a quiet time to enjoy Leaside Life, therefore it has taken me ages to read the December issue. The article on our growing flock of food stores was a good read until I got to the line that said the Loblaws at Moore and Bayview opened [...]

Letters – January 2013

Airplane reactions Congratulations on putting together the most carefully read newssheet that comes to our home. We totally agree with Will Ashworth’s letter in the December issue re: the ridiculous waste of time and taxpayer dollars caused by attention being given to the aircraft noise kerfuffle. Leaside life and character is being threatened to a huge [...]

December Letters to the Editor

The selfishness over flights is mind boggling Subject: Planes flying overhead I recently read your article(s) about Leaside residents complaining to various levels of government about this supposed issue. I live on Bayview (nearest intersection Parkhurst Blvd.) and the traffic noise most times of the day is high. But you don’t see me complaining about it. [...]

November Letters

Collage Designs wins award The recipient for the Leaside Garden Society Community Garden Award this year was Collage Designs, located on Bayview at Parkhurst. Each year since 1993 LGS has presented an award to a local company, business or organization that has made a significant effort to beautify the community with landscaping and/or plantings.  In [...]