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Shoppers Home Health Care has chosen Leaside as a site to test a new format/concept personal health and wellness store called Wellwise. The idea behind the store is to create a positive, interactive shopping experience based on wellness rather than illness. “About a year ago we did a strategic review of our business and found [...]

Leaside memorial Community Gardens

The Leaside Memorial Community Gardens had quite a lively October! The ice pads were never busier, with Leaside Hockey Association (LHA), Toronto Leaside Girls Hockey League (TLGHL), and the Leaside Skating Club all back in full swing of their regularly scheduled programming. The Gardens celebrated its 65th anniversary with a collaborative event with Leaside-based philanthropists, [...]

Leaside is one of the most attractive neighbourhoods for families who want to raise kids in a safe and tight-knit community. The moment you get off Bayview, Eglinton or Laird you feel a sense of tranquility called home.Leaside is one of the most attractive neighbourhoods for families who want to raise kids in a safe [...]

Freedom is not free Leaside Literati

In his newest book, Ten Decisions, long-time Leaside resident and author Larry Rose explores why after entering the Second World War “totally unprepared” in 1939, Canada emerged “a nation transformed” in 1945. Born and raised in British Columbia, Rose has been a Leasider for the past 25 years. He worked in broadcasting for more than [...]

On Sunday, September 24th, Leaside Memorial Community Gardens celebrated its 65th anniversary of serving the community. Working with our partner Sarah & Claire’s Food Drive, this celebratory event launched a friendly competition among the Gardens’ three major user groups – Leaside Hockey Association, Toronto Leaside Girls Hockey League, and the Leaside Skating Club – as [...]

MacNaughton Road The Streets of Leaside

The Town of Leaside was laid out in 1912 as a railway town by entrepreneurs Sir William Mackenzie and Sir Donald Mann, owners of the Canadian Northern Railway. They had purchased 1,000 acres of land between Bayview Ave. and Leslie St. north of the airfield and hired Montreal landscape architect Frederick Gage Todd to lay [...]

Why are there so many houses for lease in Leaside?

Recent leases of semi-detached two-storey homes in Leaside ranged from $2,800-$3,500/month while detached homes with three or more bedrooms leased for $3,300-$4,299/month. Bungalows typically rent for around $2,500/month. Recent leases were for 93-101% of the asking rent and on average were on the market for 24 days. Of course, the rent varies depending on the [...]

LETTERS – October 2017

Re: Will Ashworth’s Business of Leaside column, “To hell with pedestrians” Given that a stoplight at Parkhurst and Bayview would drastically increase the dangers to the many children walking to and from school, Will’s contention is categorically wrong. Parkhurst has been harder hit than many Leaside streets, as it’s a clear path from Bayview to [...]

The Curious Idler – October 2017

“Seas Gu Dileas” Calling all former Leaside High School students and staff Seventy-two years ago, as World War II was drawing to a close, Leaside High School (LHS) was welcoming its first students. In a few short years from now, in 2020, Leaside High School will be celebrating its 75th anniversary. Former student Larry Hurd [...]

Happy 65th! Leaside Memorial Community Gardens

The Leaside Memorial Community Gardens will be celebrating its 65th anniversary this season. Although the Gardens first opened its doors in 1951, it wasn’t until October 6, 1952 that it hosted its first hockey game. The significant legacy that the Gardens has left, and continues to carve out for itself, whether through its part in [...]

Boxing commentator and radio personality Spider Jones will be the guest speaker at this year’s Leaside Sports Hall of Fame induction ceremony and reception, organizers have announced. The 5th annual event will be held on Friday, November 17th in the William Lea Room at Leaside Arena. Jones was an amateur boxer him-self, a three-time Golden [...]

On a stroll through Leaside, you may have noticed a gleaming Airstream. Or perhaps you were one of those fortunate enough to catch this famous glamper’s makeover on CityLine last year. The travel trailer belongs to Leasiders Stacy and Tim Irvine of Totum Life Science, who traverse the distance every summer to visit family in [...]

Wilket Creek Park, just west of Leslie St. and north of Eglinton Ave., is a favourite today for many Leaside residents who enjoy picnicking and hiking in summer and snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing in winter. It also boasts a fine history. By 1963, this park was described as a boys’ paradise where children could build [...]

The Curious Idler – September 2017

Changes at Leaside United Church The Rev. Rose Ann Vita has announced that as of August 31st, she will be leaving Leaside United with her next appointment being with the Emmanuel United Church in Brampton. Rev. Vita most recently worked to facilitate the recent merger of Leaside United and Presteign-Woodbine United. Rev. Emily Gordon will [...]

The Leaside Garden Society, now in its 31st year, has been busy. In June, a band of nine volunteers from the society spread out through Leaside and Bennington Heights looking for front gardens with a ‘wow!’ factor. After much thought, and among several stunning candidates, seven front gardens were selected as recipients of the 2017 [...]

Rolph Road The Streets of Leaside

As many Leaside kids get ready to hit the books at Rolph Road Elementary School, they should take a moment to reflect on the street after which their school is named. Rolph Road officially opened in 1938, and it then led to the naming of Rolph Road Public School, which was built on August 29, [...]

To hell with pedestrians!

That’s how I felt about people who don’t travel by car. Then the construction started for the Crosstown LRT at Bayview and Eglinton. It made me reconsider my viewpoint. It’s funny that I would have a problem with pedestrians because anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a big walker. I like to walk [...]

The decade that Adil Dhalla lived with his family in Leaside prepared him well for his current work as a civic entrepreneur and community organizer with the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) in Toronto. Dhalla currently acts as the director of culture for the not-for-profit, providing space, services and programs to more than 2,000 social [...]

Astor Avenue The Streets of Leaside

Many of the streets in Leaside were named after the area’s early settlers, politicians or those involved in the development of the railway and industries. Astor Avenue, a short street in South Leaside, seems not to fall into the familiar pattern of other Leaside streets. It’s quite possible, though, that the street was named for [...]

The Curious Idler

Braking News – As some of you may have noticed, that speed limit on the Bayview Extension between River St. and Pottery Rd. has been reduced to 50 km/h. The speed limit for this open stretch of arterial road was 70 km/h when it opened in the late 1950s and then lowered in 2011 to [...]

“Our (new) neighbours have turned their home into an Airbnb party house. It is not their primary residence. Last Tuesday, it was transformed into a rave scene – hundreds of teenagers, bouncers at the door, noise, alcohol and drugs galore. We even had people hopping our fence, trespassing on our property, using my son’s trampoline. [...]

Leaside’s proud history

As we approach the 150th birthday of Canada, I am reminded of the significant contribution the Town of Leaside has made to Canada especially since incorporation in 1913. The Town of Leaside existed for 54 years until amalgamation with East York in 1967. It was again amalgamated in 1998 when East York became part of [...]


Three Grade 10 LHS students captured five medals in track at OFSAA, the provincial high school championships, on June 3 and 4 in Belleville: Remy Cattell, bronze in junior girls 800m and silver in junior girls 1500m, Kate Denomme, bronze in junior girls 400m, and Liam Rivard, bronze in junior boys 400m and gold in [...]

From Leaside’s deep roots spring new shoots

On a cold, drizzly, late-March day, I came face to face with Leaside’s deep roots – literally. Let me explain. It was Earth Day and St. Cuthbert’s Anglican Church on Bayview had organized a day of speakers and events. I was there to help officially recognize the church’s majestic white oak as the first of [...]

Hockey blood runs deep in Leaside

Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday this year. This grand milestone leads Canada’s millions of citizens to sit back and proudly reflect on the country’s accomplishments, triumphs, and favourite pastimes. It also allows for us to look to the future – to anticipate what this vast and dynamic country may hold for us in the [...]